The VA Power Hour


Need some no-strings support to help you launch your VA business? The VA Power Hour is here to help.

Together, we take an hour on Zoom where you get my advice, guidance and creative input on whatever you need in your life as a virtual assistant.

Why book a VA Power Hour?

The VA Power Hour is a session where you call the shots and get as much out of me as possible! You can use this session to ask me questions, throw your ideas and quandaries at me, role-play situations or use me to sound out a new approach that you’re working on. 

Your Power Hour is 100% tailored to what YOU need, so whatever you want or need in your life as a talented virtual assistant is what we’ll work on. 

You’ll leave our call feeling confident and fired up, ready to get stuck into growing your business and implementing the things we worked through together. 


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