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Avid traveller, dog lover, and proud female founder of Timpi Virtual Assistants.

Before founding Timpi, I had a few different jobs. But none of them got me that excited until I started working as a solo VA. It was like I finally discovered my dream job. I worked on my own for a few years, slowly growing my client base. Five years (and a lot of work) later, I have a six-figure VA agency.


Don’t get me wrong. Getting to where I am now was no cakewalk.

When I first started out there was very little help and I made a LOT of mistakes. It was a lot of fun, but I know I’d have gotten to this point more quickly if I’d had the right support. It could also be lonely. I didn’t know many other VAs and it wasn’t as if I could reach out to ask my clients for their input on my plans!

And that’s why I’m setting up the Timpi Academy. It’s designed to help aspiring VAs -  like you - step into the industry with the knowledge you need - and without the costly mistakes I made.

The Timpi Academy is my way of helping others starting out in the world of virtual assistance. 

I want to help you set up your business properly so you can forge a meaningful career that pays the bills and gives you money to invest in your future. From legal protection and tech, to handling challenging clients, I’ll help you become an expert in the industry so you set the example for what a good VA looks like.


Steph is so supportive

 "I could not be happier. Steph is so supportive and always on hand to answer any, and help with, any questions or issues."



Steph is a pleasure to work with!

"She is supportive and can always be relied upon to offer her expertise and guidance. What I absolutely love about working with Steph is her openness and how engaged she is - no matter how busy, she always finds a way to make herself available if you need anything!"


This easy-to-use checklist will help you think realistically about getting started as a VA and get your head into the  right place.

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All work and no play means a dull and tired-out VA. Once a week, I send a more personal email with updates, motivation and self-care ideas. It’s the kind of thing to help you stay on track and lift you up when things get overwhelming. Fancy joining us?